June 8, 2011

How fast can YOU make pants?

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 48 minutes and 23 seconds.
Price: $10

In case grad school doesn't work out for me, I have the option of being an excellent sweatshop laborer. I can make pajama pants in less than an hour! Mwahahahaha!

I did start with a pattern I had cut out and made before, and these don't require any mad tailoring skillz, but other than that, on your mark, get set, GO!!!!

Laying out the pattern.
Interestingly, the fabric said not to use it as children's pajamas.   But I guess since I'm legally an adult it's alright?

I cheated a bit and eliminated one seam by putting the two leg pieces together on their outside seam and cutting them out.  And again by cutting both legs out at once.

Sewing the front and back together.   One day I will own a serger and will be able to make legit overlock stitches.   For now, I'll use the zig zag setting.

Inseams in.   They now have the correct topology.

The top hem all done and ready for elastic!

Measure for length and apply bottom hem.

Elastic in and all done!

The finished pants
Excuse me while I flash out my face, because no one else is awake to take my picture.