April 29, 2011

Anime Boston 2011!

I was at Anime Boston this year! It was my second con ever. On Friday I was badfiction, and on Saturday I was Riku, both from Kingdom Hearts. On Sunday I needed to sleep late and do homework.

When I was in my Riku costume, soooo many people wanted photos with/of me and hugs! I was so proud that people liked my costume. My favorite was the fangirl who wanted me to sexypose with her. I don't know why I give into peer pressure so easily, but I do.

Unfortunately, all my pictures from Friday and some from Saturday were lost in a horrible reformatting of the camera memory card. Which is sad! Because on Friday, I wore my Organization coat and a piece of bad fanfiction with my silly colored hair and was Raesumyx, the nobody of Mary Sue and the newest and most important member of Organization XIII! I went around posing with any Organization members who weren't scared off by me acting 'in character'.

But a few Saturday pictures survived! And there are legit pictures of my Riku costume! Hooray! I'm still waiting on doing an actual photoshoot.

Me and a Sora. I was very impressed by her costume.

I met Sora again at the KH photoshoot.

Oh, fangirls and their photoshoot requests. I don't know why I decided to put up with this. But, the entire organization and its clones are reflected in the background. That's cool, right?

That's all the nonblurry photos that survived. There were so many good costumes there, so congrats to all the cosplayers! But I would like to say that I had the best Riku costume. I had the big zipper, the pants, ok, I'll turn the narcissism off now. Ciao!