February 9, 2010

Pikachu Hoodie

Difficulty: Easy
Time: 3-4 hours
Price: $20

This project is pretty easy, and it’s great for an easy costume or just to have the nerdiest sweatshirt around. I made it because I wanted a pokemon sweatshirt that was easily recognizable so people didn’t think I was completely weird. You need to buy black, red, and purple fabric paint, a yellow sweatshirt, some matching yellow fabric, and a tiny bit of fabric stuffing.

I couldn’t find a yellow sweatshirt, so I bought a plain white one from target and fabric dyed it and white fabric for the ears yellow, so the colors automatically matched.

First, make the ears. These are really easy. Sew two pieces of fabric together along the black lines. Then, turn them inside out, stuff them, and hand sew the bottom together so there are no loose ends or stuffing is sticking out. Paint the black tips on the ears and allow them to dry.

Trace eyes and cheeks onto the hood. Paint them and allow them to dry. Trace stripes onto the back of the sweatshirt and allow them to dry. After they dry, iron the reverse side of the fabric to set the paint. Be sure to put something behind the fabric you are painting in case it runs through!

To attach the ears, put the sweatshirt on and position the ears symmetrically towards the top of the hood. Sew around the entire base of the ear, and then add extra stitches between the ears and the hood above the base to get the ears to stick up a little bit.
The stitching doesn't have to be perfect, it just has to be functional.

After the ears are adjusted, you are done!
Hopefully, your head looks less like a beachball...

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