January 16, 2010

Plushie d20 Instructions

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Time: 6-8 hours
Price: Less than $5

It’s pretty easy to make a plushie d20 - and it's even easier to throw it at your DM's head! Mine is made with scraps of fabric and fabric paint from previous projects. The only thing I had to buy for this project was the stuffing.

To start, make yourself an equilateral triangle pattern, about 1.5 inches on a side. Then, cut the fabric scraps to the pattern, leaving about half an inch around the border.

Next, attach numbers to the sides. You have several options here. I used fabric paint and a stencil and printed the numbers on so they all had the same font. You could also sew, glue, or iron on felt numbers to the sides. Make sure the numbers fit within the area of the face.

Draw the shape of the face on the reverse side of the fabric – you will be sewing the d20 together inside out. Match up sides as you see fit. You can either follow a standard d20, or randomly place the numbers. If you follow a d20, watch the orientation of the numbers. Carefully align the corners of the sides and sew along the side to make a completed edge. Aligning the sides is the most difficult part of this project. I sewed pairs together to begin with.

When sewing an edge seam, make sure not to sew past the length of the sides as to not sew through other sides.

As the d20 comes together, five edges will meet at a vertex.
What the outside looks like:

Taking a peak inside...

Attach faces until only one or two adjacent edges remain. Turn it inside out, stuff, and sew the remaining side together. Then your d20 is finished!

More Construction Photos