January 25, 2011

DreamOn Liner Cake

I lost a bet to one of my friends on whether the 787 Dream Liner would make its first flight before 2010. With all the deadlines it had already missed, I bet against the plane, and therefore owed my friend a cake. In true Boeing fashion, owed him a cake for about a year. But I did make it. I made the DreamOn Liner, because who knows when this thing will actually fly passengers.

I was being somewhat optimistic - I had it flying within the decade.

It's just a cake baked in a 9x13 pan, flipped out and cut to shape. The pieces I cut out were used to make the wings long enough and to make the tail. The cake was orange flavored and colored so it looked like the plane was exploding when you cut it up. Because fire and explosions are cool.