October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

My dorm had a pumpkin carving event. It was pretty sweet. I love carving pumpkins. Past beauties include Darth Vader (who I don’t have a picture of), spider webs (also no pics) and, oh a whim and kind of a dare from my friends, Yugi.

I think this is from my sophomore year in high school. That was kind of a long time ago. I feel old.

Anyway, this summer, my lovely dorm decided it was necessary to conform to fire code. This meant they installed sprinkelers to the half of the building that didn't have them and 'upgraded' our fire alarm system - a new centralized system where individual rooms would have alarms, detectors other than the ones in the elevator lobbies would set the entire building off, you know, safe things like that. However, it also meant that they had to test the ENTIRE SYSTEM. All 500+ alarms. They talked and rang for 8 hours a day over a month and a half. I moved in two weeks in to the testing, and the term started a week later. After the testing, there was a bunch of false alarms caused by system malfunctions. Needless to say, we were quite disgruntled and no one took real alarms seriously. My friends and I set up a protest in the windows after the testing was supposed to be over.

I live in 'Last Alarm.'

Anyway, then there was the pumpkin carving carving event. I think at this point, we were still unable to tick our sign up past 6 days, so I found it necessary to commemorate our trials in pumpkin form, especially as our housemasters would be

This is a depiction of the events that lead to one of the 1am alarms. On the 9th floor, some freshmen were cooking, and then somehow they got a plastic container on the hot burner. Then, it started smoking and making a mess of things. They didn't know what to do, and instead of calling for help or yelling bloody murder, they stood there with their hands up as it tripped the alarms. I don't know what parents are teaching their kids these days.

On the other hand, my friends carved classy Touhou pumpkins.

Silly mature people.