April 17, 2011

Pi Hat

Difficulty: Medium
Time: 17 hours
Price: $15

I needed a hat to match my pi scarf. Using the same colors, I followed a hat design someone else created and made my own chart. The original pattern can be found here. Or here on Ravelry. Follow that and just use the pi charts.

Needle Size: 8 US (5 mm), 16" circular and also dpns
Yarn: Worsted, contrasting colors

Besides the charts, I did change some stuff for my hat, like the brim. In the original pattern, it wants you to make a knitted hem. I have no clue what this means (I've been knitting for about 4 months) so I decided to double knit it instead because that seemed like a good idea. Here is the pi brim chart:

It's worked from the bottom up in the round.

This is the new chart I used for the rest of the hat.

That's all you need to know to make the hat!

While doing this project, I learned that knitting on public transportation makes you SO INTERESTING EVERYONE WANTS TO TALK TO YOU. I think it's because when there aren't crazy people on board, riding the subway or bus is really boring. And they all think that what you are doing is incredibly hard and amazing - probably because I had two colors at once and all the dpns in, so the hat looked super complex even though it wasn't.

Here are some detail photos.

And here is the view your brain sees: